In with the new………

After just over ten years, Totally Tennis’ weekly ‘Serve and Volley’ page that featured in the Basingstoke Gazette has finished due to the demise of the Monday edition of the paper. But despair not, it’s not the end but merely the beginning of a new chapter in the clubs history with the birth of ‘Serve and Volley:The Blog’.

ImageServe and Volley in print in the last edition of the Basingstoke Gazette – Monday Edition

The first Monday edition of the ‘Serve and Volley’ page appeared on the newsstands on 23rd June, 2003 and many, many articles later the final page appeared on Monday 23rd September 2013.

So now for all your local tennis news as well as regional, national and international updates, follow this new tennis blog that will keep you updated and entertained as a one-stop shop for players, parents, coaches and tennis fans.


As well as stories from the Indoor Centre in the War Memorial Park there will be news and information from the tennis programmes at Hampshire Court and Sherfield School, which are all part of the extended Totally Tennis family.


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