Valencia Open wins for Da Silva, Feast and Brown

In the last TT tour event of this season the Valencia Open, Kirsty Da Silva won the Red tournament, Harrison Feast the Green and  Ollie Brown was the overall C Squad winner.
The Red event was divided into two round robin boxes. Amberly Chapman was the winner of Box A beating Harry Rushbrook 10-2, Edward Lakatos 10-2 and Melissa Toner 10-5. Toner was runner-up winning two matches against Lakatos 10-3 and Rushbrook 10-0. Lakatos beat Rushbrook 10-2. In Box B, Da Silva won her four matches to win the box, beating Jack Rushbrook 10-3, Mauli Pawar 10-1, Mohan Thondapu 10-3 and Oli Steer 10-4. Rushbrook was runner-up defeating Pawar, Thondapu and Steer all 10-3 respectively. Steer and Thondapu both beat Pawar 10-2. In the semi finals Da Silva beat Toner 10-7 and Rushbrook beat Chapman in a close match 12-10. Da Silva won the final beating Rushbrook 10-6 and taking maximum points for her leaderboard score.
Red Runner-up Jack Rushbrook and Winner Kirsty Da Silva
Da Silva tops the Mini leaderboard with 4375 points, followed by Chapman in second place on 3050 points and Theo Harrison is in third place with 2690 points (see full leaderboards at end of this post).
In the Green squad event, Feast was the overall winner beating Sammy Dowek 3-2, Max Shaw 8-0 and Nina Williams 7-0. Dowek was runner-up after defeating Shaw 6-1 and Williams 6-1. Third place went to Shaw who beat Williams 4-1 and Williams finished in fourth place. Brown dominated the C Squad competition after winning all his matches beating Matthew Wincott 6-1, Louise Mallozzi 7-0 and Travis Clayton 5-3. Wincott finished in second place with wins against Mallozzi 7-1, and Clayton 5-4. Third spot went to Claytin who defeated Mallozzi 6-2.
Feast is sitting at the top of the Green/C Squad Leaderboard with 4700 points followed closely by Brown on 4675 points.

The Totally Tennis Tour is a series of tournaments for the Development Squads and Mini Performance Squad players to play in events that eliminate the professional Tennis Tour around the world. There have been eight tournaments throughout this year and the top 8 players from each squad will be invited back for the finals next month for the chance to win a trophy in their age group. All players have competed against players of the same age group and standard.

viewer2013 TT Tour schedule

The Grand finals will take place on Sunday 1st December. All finalists will be notified by coach Ben Jubin of their places. The day promises lots of fun and some great prizes.

On the professional tour unseeded Russian Mikhail Youzhny won the Valencia Open title beating top seed, world number three and defending champion David Ferrer 6-3, 7-5 in the final, also denying him his fourth title at the event.

1382898654000-AFP-524137993Youzhny and his Valencia Open winners trophy

Mini Red Leaderboard

Name Points
1)  Kirsty DaSilva 4375
2)  Amberly Chapman 3050
3)  Theo Harrison 2690
 4) Jack Rushbrook 2300
 5) Melissa Toner 2275
 6) Oli Steer 1400
 7)Mohan Thondapu 1250
 8) Edward Terry 500
 9)Oliver Webster 450
10) Edward Lakatos 325
11) Mauli Pawar 325
12) Connor Blackmore 250
13) Alister Horobin 225
14) Ying Ji 225
15) James Mackenzie 100

Green/C Squad Leaderboard


1)  Harry Feast 4700
2)  Oliver Brown 4675
3)  Furnso Otudeko 2000
4)  Isla Hignett (Green) 1250
5)  Erin Mcewan 975
6)  Max Shaw 850
7)  Jorge Messa (Green) 825
8)  Sammy Dowek (Green) 725
9)  Marcus Robertson 450
10)     Oria Acosta 450
11)     Louise Mallozzi 325
12)     Nina Williams 100

B Squad

Name Points
1)   Josh James 3200
2)   Travis Clayton 3100
3)   Daniel Collins 2025
4)   Jack Tearle 1800
5)   Marcus Goosey             925
6)   Matthew Wincott 250
7)   Robert Harker 225
8)   Jacob Thomas 225
9)   Annalise Whitehead 225



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