First TT Tour Winners of 2014

Players didn’t need to travel down under to compete in their own version of the Australian Open but just down to Totally Tennis’ Indoor Centre in the War Memorial Park, to play in the first event in this years TT Tour calendar.

The Red event attracted lots of young keen players, some competing for the first time. The competition was divided into two boxes with the winners and runners-up of each box progressing through to the semi-finals. Luka Williams was Box A winner after winning four matches beating Harry Bale 10-9, Ria Mistry 10-1, Prahlad Prabu 10-7, Samridda Mariappan 10-1 but lost to group runner-up Ollie Steer 10-5. Steer won three matches defeating Bale 10-7, Prabu 10-5 and Mariappan 10-1 but lost to Mistry 10-7. Bale also won three matches beating Mistry 10-5, Prabu 10-6 and Mariappan 10-1. Along with Steer, Mistry also beat Mariappan 10-6 and Mariappan won against Prabu 10-8.

Edward Lakatos was Box B winner after winning all five of his matches beating Harry Rushbrook 10-2, Hayden Cummings 10-3, Ben Hastings 10-8, Athyantha Mariappan 10-0 and Alwxandrro Posolache 10-6. Hastings finished as runner-up after defeating Rushbrook 10-1, Cummings 10-2 and both Mariappan and Posolache 10-2. Rushbrook, Cummings and Mariappan were all beaten by Posolache 10-2, 10-5 and 10-4 respectively. Rushbrook won two matches against Cummings 10-9 and Mariappan 10-0. Cummings beat Mariappan 10-1.

In the semi finals Hastings beat Steer 10-6 and Lakatos defeated Williams 10-4. In the final, Lakatos beat Hastings 10-7 to become the first Red winner of 2014. In the third/fourth playoff match Steer beat Williams 10-2 and Rushbrook came fifth after beating Bale 10-6.


(L to R) Winner Edward Lakatos and runner-up Ben Hastings

Ben Jubin, who organised the event said, “We had a lot of entries and was good to see new players getting involved in matches including Ben Hastings and Harry Bale are from Sherfield School. The matches where very close and there were some good rallies in the final.”

Edward was very consistent and found form to beat Ben. All the players seemed to enjoy the event despite the cold day and hopefully we will see them all back playing in the next event on the 26th February.”


Orange winner Nina Williams and runner-up Alex Feast

It was a great day for Nina Williams as she won both the Orange and Green events. In the Orange competition she beat Alex Feast 7-0, 7-5, Tinkue Adelakun 7-0, 7-2, Mohan Thondapu 7-2, 7-5 to win overall. Feast was runner-up defeating Adelakun 7-5, 5-7 and Thondapu 5-7, 8-6, 7-5. Thondapu beat Adelakun 8-6, 9-7. In the Green event, Williams beat Daniel Hastings 4-3, Alexander Heath 4-2 and Jake Mundy 6-3. Mundy was runner-up after he beat Hastings 5-2 and Heath 5-3. Heath beat Hastings 4-3.


Green winner Nina Williams on the left along with fellow competitors and runner-up Jake Mundy on the right.

Jubin added, “Nina had a good day winning the Orange and Green events. For most of the players it was their first event and it was good see them gaining valuable match experience and competing against other players.”

TT Tour 2103 Champion Travis Clayton won the Yellow event defeating Harrison Feast 5-3, Alexei Studd 6-0 and Ollie Brown 9-1. Feast was overall runner-up beating Studd 9-0 and Brown 3-1. Brown beat Studd 6-2.


Yellow competitors with runner-up Harrison Feast and winner Travis Clayton in the centre
The TT Tour is for Development Squad and Mini Performance Squads players (players will play against players of the same age group). There are eight tournaments throughout the year and the top eight players from each squad will be invited to play in the finals for the chance to win a trophy. There will be an up to date leaderboard showing players rankings.
Over in Melbourne there were two new names on the Australian Open trophies with Stanilas Wawrinka and Na Li winning the first Grand Slam titles of the year. In the TT Tour Lakatos, Williams and Clayton all picked up the the maximum 1,000 points from this Grand Slam event.
The next event on the TT Tour 2014 calendar is the Brazil Open taking place on Sunday 23rd February. Please contact reception to sign up. All mini events will take place from 10:00am-12:30pm followed by the Junior events from 1:00pm – 3:30pm. Each event costs £6 per player.

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