Summer County Leaderboard Success

Totally Tennis Mini Performance player Kirsty Da Silva won the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) 9 and under Girls Summer County Tour leaderboard. Da Silva topped the leaderboard with a total of 338 points. Club-mate Melissa Toner finished in fourth place with 152 points. In the Boys competition, Theo Harrison finished in sixth place with 288 points and Jack Rushbrook was in seventh position.

Kirsty Summer County Leaderboard winner 2014Kirsty Da Silva with her 9 and under winners medal

Fellow Mini Performance player Jasmin Bromilow was the winner of the 10 and under Girls leaderboard with 558 points, Tillie Reid was second with 570 points and Nina Williams was third with 348 points to complete the Totally Tennis top three.

IMG_20140918_080634Jasmin Bromilow with her 10 and under winners medal.

Performance player Harrison Feast finished in second place of the 12 and under Boys leaderboard with 300 points and Matthew Berry was in sixth place with 233 points. Second place in the 14 and under Boys leaderboard went to Dylan Allenby-Ryan with 376 points and Miles Bromilow was fifth with 194 points.

The LTA Competition leaderboard’s provide players with the opportunity to track their progress and see how well they are performing during each season in the competition circuit. There are leaderboard’s for each age group and gender for each county in the UK and they display every players accumulated points from the current season regardless of where they have played on the circuit. At the end of each season the top ten players are displayed on their respective Leaderboard. Players points will now accumulate on the Winter┬áCounty leaderboard.