Junior Leaders Award Course

Throughout the years many of the Totally Tennis coaches started playing tennis at the club as teenagers working their way up through the performance squads and showing an interest in coaching as a potential career via the LTA Tennis Leaders Award, whilst still at school.


Long identified a need to retain young players in tennis since he started Totally Tennis over twenty years ago. Players are retained through coaching and playing, as well as developing leadership skills and the coaches has always mentored younger players. The tennis leaders course increases the awareness of the coaching opportunities available in sport as a career in this country and is a nationally recognised LTA qualification that is great for a players CV regardless of their choice of career.

Long said ” My philosophy has always been to assist and mentor players to give them an opportunity to develop into coaches. All of the current coaching team are home-grown coaches who has made the successful transition from player to coach, working hard to gain their qualifications and progressing through the LTA coaching qualifications.


Becoming an LTA tennis leader is a junior’s first step onto the tennis coaching pathway and available for those thirteen and over. The course is modular based with a core module and four additional modules. Candidates learn important communication and organisation skills which are needed to be a successful coach. In addition they learn lesson structures, warm-ups, long-term player development, basic technique, diet, customer care and presentation skills taught through the on-court sessions and course booklets. Candidates are offered support and advice by the coaching team, complete ten voluntary on-court hours and are offered follow-on opportunities at the club, continuing their involvement with the game.

When? Sunday 26th October (10.00am – 1.00pm)

Where? Totally Tennis, War Memorial Park, Basingstoke. Telephone 01256 358816 for more details

Cost? £35

To book one of the few remaining places on the course, please call Totally Tennis 01256 358815 or e-mail tt@totallytennis.co.uk.


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