Head Coach McIntosh Climbs Qualification Ladder

Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh has climbed another rung of the professional coaching ladder by passing his Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Level 5 Master Club Coach Qualification. McIntosh gained the highest level LTA leading coaching qualification with an impressive 92%, achieving 100% in three of the modules including his Diploma in tennis coaching management at Northumbria University, Level 3 Mentoring Qualification and coaching.

photo-6The course duration was two years from application to completion and as part of his portfolio, Mcintosh had to complete three days of coaching experience at a High Performance Centre which he did at Batchwood Tennis Centre in Hertfordshire. The master club coach qualification is for coaches who are working at the very highest level of club coaching. On completion of the course a master club coach is able to deliver on court sessions of the highest quality to all club members, design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of club programmes, display leadership skills to create and manage change and adaptation in dynamic club environments and mentor a team of coaches to be ensure delivery of a quality programme. McIntosh also completed a project based around his particular area of interest which culminated in the development of a coach education resource to benefit British Tennis in the future. This project also formed part of the his tennis coaching management diploma from Northumbria University.

McIntosh said, “I gained some good coaching experiences during my Level 5 qualification and as well as more knowledge of management whilst completing my diploma.” he added “There was a lot of hard work involved in gaining this qualification but I am very pleased with my achievement.

Tennis Director Nigel Long said, ‘Congratulations to James on this fantastic achievement. It’s always great to see a player make the successful transition to coaching and do so well in their chosen career. I hope that James and the other-grown coaches continue to be an inspiration to our young players proving that you can turn your hobby and into your profession.”


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