Rushbrook Brothers in Action

The Rushbrook brothers have been busy on the tournament circuit of late. Performance and mini performance players, both boys competed in the  the Grade 6 David Lloyd in Woking at the end of last month with Harry competing in the 9 & under event and older brother Jack in the 12 & under.


Harry finished in the runner-up spot in the ratings only event. He beat Alexander Murray 7-6, 7-2 and Grace Gould 7-4, 7-3 to win his box. In the final he lost against Jonathan Butler  7-2, 7-3. In the 12 & u event Jack beat Sam Jennings 4-1, 4-1 and Benjamin Cottle 4-1,  5-4(7-2), also winning his box. He too finished in a very respectable second place after losing in the final against Theo Mantel-Cooper in a timed match 6-1, a much closer match than the score reflects.


Last weekend Jack was in action again playing at Bradfield in the 12 & Under Grade 5 Tournament. This event was played in a round robin format and in his first match he beat Dominik Mealing 4-3(3), 4-3 (3). He then lost against Luke Thomas 4-0, 4-3 in his second match and beat Sebastian Jones in round three, 4-1, 4-0 finishing second in the box overall.


In the quarter-finals Jack beat higher ranked player Jamie Bowsher 4-0,  4-3(1) but then lost in the semis against Edward Draper 4-0, 4-0  to finish in third place overall.

On Sunday it was Harry’s turn to take centre stage at the Grade 5 Portsmouth Tennis Centre tournament in the 9 & Under event. In the round robin stages he defeated Finlay Wrey Brown 9-7,  7-5 but lost against Luke Watts 7-2,  7-2 before beating Isabelle Pycroft in three sets 4-7, 8-6,  7-5 to finish second in the box.

In the quarters, he lost against Watts again 7-5,  7-0 and then competed in the consolation final against team mate Dylan Hall-Jones losing 7-4, 7-3 finishing in 4th place overall in the tournament.

Congratulations Boys!


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