TT Tour 2016 – Australian Open

The young players at Totally Tennis emulated their tennis heroes and competed in their very own Australian Open at the end of last month. The first TT Tour event of 2016 kicked off this years series at the indoor centre in the War Memorial Park with both Red and Orange competitions.

IMG_5330In the orange competition Daniel Ward won Box 1 defeating Ansh Annareddy 10-1, Luke Shattock  10-0 and Dinobi Okafor 10-8. Shattock finished in second place beating Annareddy 10-5 and Okafor 10-2. Box 2 was won by Hayden Cummings who beat Rutendo Mufiri 10-4, Thorsten Richter 10-3 and Carmen Vinuales 10-3. Vinuales was runner-up defeating Mufiri 11-9 and Richter 10-0. In the semi-finals Cummings beat Shatterk 10-5 and Ward defeated Vinuales 10-4. Ward won the final beating Cummings 10-4 to gain maximum points on the leaderboard.


In the Green ball competition Daniel Shattock was crowned the overall winner after winning all his matches. He beat Mikun Adeniran 5-0, Ryan Farr 5-1, Alistair Horobin 4-2 and Pugh Grant 3-2. Horobin and Grant were joint runner-ups after both winning two matches. Horobin defeated Adeniran 3-1, Farr 3-1 but lost against Grant 4-3 and Grant defeated Farr 3-2 but lost to Adeniran 3-2.

In the Yellow ball event was won by Noah Langer (not pictured) who beat Chi Chi Okafor 3-1, Fechi Okafor 4-1 and Diego Vinuales 4-2. Chi Chi was runner-up after beating her sister Fechi 2-1 and Vinuales 3-1.
Coach Ben Jubin who ran the TT Tour event said, “It was a great turnout for the Australian Open and some good tennis was played. It’s really good getting the new players learning how to score and thank you to the parents for helping them with that. Well done to everyone that took part and I hope to see you all back and keen to play in the Brazil Open next month.

The Totally Tennis Tour is for Development Squads and Mini Performance Squads players. There are six tournaments throughout the year and then the Grand Final where the top eight players from each squad will be invited back to play for the chance to finish as the club champions. There will be an up to date leaderboard showing players rankings in each squad. Points are awarded to the winner, runner-up and third/fourth place players for each event as well as for entering. The Grand Slam events of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open offer higher points and all points will be added to each age group leaderboard.


TT Tour Dates 2016

Sunday 28th February – Australian Open

Sunday 20th March – Brazil Open

Sunday 24th April – Sony Open

Sunday 22nd May – French Open

Sunday 11th September – US Open

Sunday 16th October – Valencia Open

Sunday 13th November – Grand Finals (by invitation)

PLAYERS MUST BOOK IN BEFORE EACH EVENT. Minimum of FOUR players will be needed per age group otherwise it may get cancelled.

Red (Pirates, Indians, Red Squad) – 10am -12 noon

Orange (Dodgers, Orange Squad) 10am -12 noon

Green (Giants, Green Squad 1pm – 3pm

Yellow (C.B, A SQUAD, Performance) 1pm – 3pm

All players interested in participating can book in reception or call the office on 01256 358816. Each event costs £6.50 per player


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