Catlin Competes in BUCS League

Former Totally Tennis Performance player Stephanie Catlin is keeping up with her tennis career now playing for her university, Oxford Brookes women’s first team in the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Tennis league. Catlin, was previously Captain of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Bears Women’s Tennis team (Catlin pictured fourth from right below) in the last semester of her senior year while studying for a double major in Sports and Exercise Science and Communication degree at UNC in America.

8473_wAfter completing her four-year tennis scholarship and degree at UNC, Catlin is now studying for a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Oxford Brookes back in the UK. She is part of the four women Oxford Brookes 1sts team that have won the BUCS Midland league, winning six and drawing one of their fixtures against Birmingham 1sts, Nottingham 2nd, Nottingham Trent 1st and Warwick 2nd. The team will now compete in the play offs after Easter for a chance to progress into the premier league. In the Women’s Tier 1 Midlands league Catlin is the top ranked player winning all fourteen of her matches (28-1 sets, 166 – 32 games)IMG_3772The team also competed in the BUCS cup progressing to the cup final earlier this month after beating Exeter 3rds, Bournemouth 1st, London Imperial 1sts and Exeter 2nds. In the final the girls played against Northumbria 1sts at the Nottingham Tennis Centre on 13th March, Catlin won both her singles and doubles matches maintaining her season winning record but unfortunately all the other girls lost so the team finished as overall runners-up with a 8 – 4 scoreline.IMG_3773




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