TT Tour 2016: The Brazil Open

Hayden Cummings was the winner of the Red event at the latest TT Tour tournament, the Brazil Open. Runner-up was Dylan Cooper-Kirby, Megan Fisher was third, Sophie Barlow finished in fourth position and William Beynom was fifth overall.


Coach Jordan said “Well done to Hayden for winning the red event and to Sophie playing in her first tournament.


Daniel Ward was the winner of the Orange event and Red winner Hayden Cummings was runner-up and Gevin Chendhilkumar was third. Fourth place went to Thorsten Richter, Guhan Chendhilkumar was fifth, Dihiyah Khan was sixth, seventh place was Carmen Vinuales and Dinobi Okafor finished in eighth place.

Jordan said “We had lots of entries and everyone had fun. Well done to Daniel for working hard and winning the tournament.” he added “A great achievement for Gevin coming third in his first tournament.

image4The winner of the Green event was Tinuke Adelakun and Grant Pugh was runner-up. Oliver Alemany was third, fourth place went to Jack Moria, Mikun Adeniran was fifth, Jazireh Shaw was sixth, Fechi Okafor seventh, eighth place was Diego Vinuales and Chi Chi Okafor finished in ninth place.


Jordan said “We had a great turn out for the Brazil open this year with all the players enjoying their matches. Everyone played very well, a big well done to Tinuke for winning the Green event with some good work from Grant hitting some lovely forehands.” he added “A very big well done to everyone who came. See you all next time at the Sony Open at the end of this month.

image1Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated in this event.

TT Tour 2016 Leaderboards

Mini Red

Hayden Cummings 350

Dylan Cooper-Kirby 225

Megan Fisher 175

Sophie Barlow 175

William Beynon 100

Orange Squad

Daniel Ward 1450

Hayden Cummings 825

Thorsten Richter 275

Carmen Vinuales 275

Dinobi Okafor 200

Luke Shattock 175

Gevin Chendhilkumar 175

Ansh Annareddy 100

Guhan Chendhilkumar 100

Rutendo Mufiri 100

Dihiyah Khan 100

Green Squad

Daniel Shattock 1100

Grant Pugh 825

Alistair Horobin 600

Tinuke Adelakun 350

Mikun Adeniran 200

Jack Moria 175

Fechi Okafor 100

Ryan Farr 100

Diego Vinuales 100

Jazireh Shaw 100

Chi Chi Okafor 100

Yellow Squad

Noah Langer 1100

Chichi Okafor 600

Fechi Okafor 175

Diego Vinuales 175

TT Tour Dates 2016

Sunday 28th February – Australian Open
Sunday 20th March – Brazil Open
Sunday 24th April – Sony Open
Sunday 22nd May – French Open
Sunday 11th September – US Open
Sunday 16th October – Valencia Open
Sunday 13th November – Grand Finals (by invitation)

PLAYERS MUST BOOK IN BEFORE EACH EVENT. Minimum of FOUR players will be needed per age group otherwise it may get cancelled.

Red (Pirates, Indians, Red Squad) – 10am -12 noon
Orange (Dodgers, Orange Squad) 10am -12 noon
Green (Giants, Green Squad 1pm – 3pm
Yellow (C.B, A SQUAD, Performance) 1pm – 3pm

All players interested in participating can book in reception or call the office on 01256 358816. Each event costs £6.50 per player


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