More Success For Hignett

Totally Tennis performance player and Sherfield School Tennis Scholar Liam Hignett is celebrating more success, this time as part of the Warsash Tennis Club men’s team who won both the Portsmouth and Southampton Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Winter Tennis leagues and even made it onto the news on local TV network BBC South today.

FullSizeRender(Hignett is pictured fifth left in lime green)

Traditionally the winners of both leagues play against each other for the Solent Cup but as they won both Warsash teams played against each other. Hignett plays for the club in both leagues but in this scenario he played for the Portsmouth team.  In an exciting fixture it was all square after all rubbers had been played with two matches won and two matches lost and an equal five sets won by each team so the overall result was down to number of games won and Southampton won overall by four games.

In the Southampton league Warsash A team finished on a season total of eleven points beating opponents Winchester A, VA Hampshire A, Thornden A, Salisbury A, Bassett A and Riverside A. In the Portsmouth league Warmish 1 won the league with six points overall defeating teams from Ryde Lawn 1, Seacourt 1, JEM Hamble 1, Ryde Mead 1, Avenue 1, Priory and Southsea 1.

Congratulations to Liam and all his Warmish team mates.

Photo used courtesy of BBC South Today Facebook page.


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