TT Tour 2016: The Valencia Open

The Valencia Open was the last TT tour event of this season played on Sunday before the excitement of the Grand Finals next month where the overall 2016 winners will be crowned. Hayden Cummings won the Orange Event and the Green event was won by Daniel Shattock.
As usual the Orange event was a battle between Cummings and Daniel Ward who finished in the runner-up spot on this occassion after winning last month’s TT Tour US Open tournament. Third place went to Faith Tompkins, Gevin Chendhilkumar was fourth, Luke Shattock was fifth, Henry Terry finished in sixth place and Guhan Chendhilkumar was seventh overall.
In the Green tournament winner Shattock picked up the maximum points followed by Dylan Hall-Jones in second place, Ollie Steer was third, fourth place went to Oliver Alemany followed by Jack Moria in fifth and Carmen Visuals was sixth overall.
Coaching assistant Andrew Dingwall who run the event said, “Another great day of tennis in our last event before our Totally Tennis World Tour Finals. After numerous marathon rallies Hayden was triumphant in a 10-4 victory over Daniel in our orange final.” he added. “With some great winners and some great rallies our green event came to an end as Daniel was victorious over Dylan 4-2 in the final.

The Totally Tennis Tour is for Development Squads and Mini Performance Squads players. There are six tournaments throughout the year and then the Grand Final where the top eight players from each squad will be invited back to play for the chance to finish as the club champions. There will be an up to date leaderboard showing players rankings in each squad. Points are awarded to the winner, runner-up and third/fourth place players for each event as well as for entering. The Grand Slam events of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open offer higher points and all points will be added to each age group leaderboard.

TT Tour Dates 2016

Sunday 13th November – Grand Finals (by invitation)

Congratulations to both winners, Hayden and Daniel!


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