Is Nutrition The Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Ultimate Tennis Performance?

The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.Bobby Knight

Totally Tennis Alumni Steph Catlin has founded Food Is Life, a sports nutrition consultancy business based in Basingstoke.  Former Totally Tennis performance player, who represented both Brighton Hill Community College and Queen’s Mary College, Steph obtained a four year Division 1 tennis scholarship to the University of Northern Colorado in the USA. After graduating with two Bachelors degrees, one in Sport and Exercise Science and the other in Human Communication Studies she returned to the UK and recently completed her Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.


Whilst playing at a high level Steph was continuously striving to improve her tennis performance and spent countless essential hours on court during her time at University, it was then that she realised the power of nutrition in advancing both the physical and mental aspect of her game. She learnt that incorporating sports nutrition techniques in and around training and matches was just as important as practising her serve day in, day out.

There are many tennis coaches you can turn to for on court tactics and techniques, but to be the most successful tennis player you can be, you need more than a 120mph serve. Steph will providing Totally Tennis players with advice and easy-to-follow tips in a series of tennis and nutrition based blog posts.

Steph said, “As a former high performance tennis player there’s one thing I would have done differently: Open my mind to more knowledge and learn from the experience of the people I look up to.” she continued, With that being said, let me help you with that! As a fully qualified sports nutritionist, over the next coming months I will be providing you with my finest knowledge on all things tennis and nutrition.”

So whether you are a social player hungry for more or someone inspiring to one-day play at Wimbledon, these nutrition tips and tricks will help to get you there!

Stay tuned on the Totally Tennis blog and let’s strive for greatness together!

Yours in Health,


In the meantime you can contact Steph for any further information as follows: 


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Read more about Steph’s previous achievements in previous posts Totally Tennis Alumni Stephanie Catlin  and Catlin Competes in BUCS League 




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