Protein Isn’t Just For Body Builders

One of the biggest concerns for athletes is to make sure that they recover effectivelyIf players are constantly sore and tired their ability to train or compete at the intensity and level that they need to on the tennis court will be reduced.

In a previous posts I talked about the importance of carbohydrates as well as the importance of hydration and in this post I’m focusing on protein!

As an athlete, you have an increased need for protein in your diet. When you play tennis, or do any form of exercise, you break down muscle tissue. The body uses protein to break down muscle tissue, which leaves it in a negative protein balance (a catabolic state) after exercise. To keep your on-court intensity high and recovery on point, it’s essential to repair the damaged muscle and to do this, your body needs to be in a positive protein balance (an anabolic state).


Without a positive protein balance within the body, your body doesn’t have the right type or amount of fuel to repair the damaged muscles… Now we know a positive protein balance is fundamental, how do we achieve it? By eating lots of protein!  

A source of protein needs to be eaten at every single meal. Consistent, regular feedings of protein have been proven to be essential for overall tennis performance and optimal recovery. Good sources of protein include: meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and protein shakes.

Regular protein feedings are essential for other reasons too, for example it helps to keep you fuller for longer, which is very important from a body composition perspective. The harder you train and compete, the more important role your nutrition will play into your tennis performance.

Don’t ever leave your success to chance!

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