Dingwall and Hignett Progress with Coaching Qualifications

Totally Tennis performance players Andrew Dingwall and Liam Hignett have both passed their Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) level 2 assessment last month after passing  their level 1 assessments last November.
Both players represent their respective colleges, Queen Mary’s College and Sherfield School as well as playing at the club in the performance programme. Dingwall is also a tennis assistant at Totally Tennis and runs the TT Tour events.
The level 1 coaching assistant course is the starting point for players aged 16 and over who want to get into tennis coaching and become a coaching assistant. The level 2 coaching assistant course is aimed at coaching assistants who want to progress on the coaching ladder. Course participants must be LTA accredited and complete a number of training days and assist with practical on-court sessions supervised by their mentors. The next step is the level 3 coach qualification course for players/young coaches who want to work full time within the tennis coaching profession.
Hignett said, “I found the courses very interesting and I can use these to help with my coaching development. I would like to do my level 3 soon so I can learn further and increase my knowledge and experience.”
Dingwall added, “It was great to learn so much on my level 1 and 2 which has allowed me to really expand my coaching knowledge. I believe they have had a really positive impact on any coaching sessions I do. I am hoping to do my level 3 not too far into the future.”
Read more about the LTA’s coaching qualifications and how to become a tennis coach  here

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