Player Profile: Napalai Cain




Squad: 50+ and Mixed Morning

How old were you when you first started tennis?


How were you introduced to the sport?

As a child in Thailand I walked past the tennis court in my hometown every day and watched the people play. I then decided to start playing tennis myself and have enjoyed it throughout my life, initially in Thailand and now in the UK.

What made you come to Totally Tennis?

Totally Tennis has indoor courts, which are good for the weather in England. There are many people who are available to play during the daytime, which suits my lifestyle.

Who is your favourite professional tennis player?

Roger Federer

What do you like most about the sport?

Being able to hit accurately to the target and successfully finish the point.

What do you consider to be your best shot?


How often do you play?

Twice a week regularly but 3 times a week if possible.

Do you play any other sport?


What’s your greatest achievement in tennis so far?

Good forehand, two handed backhand and to be able to have a good time.


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