Five Best Recovery Foods

You know the benefits of cooling down and stretching after exercise, but are you recovering optimally if you don’t consider the nutritional aspect? Let’s firstly clear up the fundamental importance of using nutrition to recover the best you possibly can from exercise…


  1. You must replace the lost water and salt from sweating
  2. You must replace the carbohydrates you burn off (carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source for the body to function)  
  3. You must consume protein to keep your body in a positive protein balance (the only way for muscles to repair and adapt)
  4. You must plough your body with micronutrients to keep the immune system functioning (the immune system is damaged by exercise)

Recovery is not just about stretching post exercise but also about nutrition to recover the best you can. As we have previously spoken about the importance of hydration, carbohydrates AND protein, let’s talk through some practical examples of foods you can consume after a tennis training session, or a match.

  1. Beans on toast with a side of fruit (e.g. an apple)
  2. Flavoured yoghurt topped with a bowl of fruit salad
  3. One bread roll filled with chicken and salad
  4. Fruit smoothie packed with berries, banana, oats and yoghurt
  5. Sports drink (e.g. lucozade) and a protein bar

Moral of the story. Keep it simple and incorporate food that doesn’t require spending hours in the kitchen to prepare.

Yours in Health,


Former Totally Tennis performance player and now coach Steph Catlin has founded Food Is Life, a sports nutrition consultancy business based in Basingstoke. If you would like to learn more about how to achieve your personal nutrition goals and for specific personal advice please contact Steph directly via via her website or visit her social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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