Tennis Tips | 1. Creating More Topspin on Your Forehand

Follow the weekly tennis tips by Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh to improve your game.

Tip 1: Creating More Topspin on your Forehand 

Make sure you drop your racket head below the ball before hitting and accelerate your racket up the back of the ball to create more topspin on your forehand.

Wrong – Racket is too high
Correct:  The racket is dropping below the ball

7 thoughts on “Tennis Tips | 1. Creating More Topspin on Your Forehand

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  7. Yep, spot on! A lot of rec players try to create topspin by “rolling over” the ball. Ive found when coaching that I have my players imagine the racket dropping below the ball, and then think of the racket as a plane taking off into the sky to get the proper swing path to impart the spin.

    Loving this blog!!! Great stuff, coaches!

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