Meet Our Coaches: Liam Hignett


Coach Profile: Liam Hignett

Coaching Qualification:   Level 3 Accredited

How old were you when you first started playing tennis?


How were you introduced to the sport?

Through a school taster session

What made you come to work at Totally Tennis?

Great, local centre, enthusiastic players and ultimately, a fantastic coaching team who I enjoy working with.

Who is your favourite professional tennis player?

Roger Federer

What do you like most about coaching tennis?

I love seeing people reach their goals and targets, whatever level they are playing at, and I love supporting them towards this.

How often do you coach?

More or less, every day!

Do you play any other sport?

I used to do cross country, football, hockey and various athletics events during my time in school.

What is your greatest achievement in tennis so far?

Certainly 2016 GB National Championships, becoming a National Doubles Champion and being in the top 8 in the singles.



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