Player Profile: Nathan Dolman


Age: Eleven

Squad: C & B

How old were you when you first started playing tennis?


How were you introduced to the sport?

By my brother

Why did you choose Totally Tennis?

My coach Jamie said it’s the best

Who is your favourite professional tennis player?

Andy Murray

What do you like most about the sport?


What do you consider to be your best shot?


How often do you play?

Every week

Do you play any other sport?


What’s your greatest achievement in tennis so far?

Beating James



Eat Food When You Can, Supplement When You Must

When it comes to food and nutrition, there is no right or wrong. You have eaten thousands of meals whilst living on this planet, and you’re still here right?! The same goes with sports nutrition, you have survived this long so why should you listen to me?!

I’m not a sports nutritionist that is going to overhaul your diet, tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. I am here to help you understand what you currently eat, whether your tennis performance is optimal with that diet, and if not, how we can tweak your diet so that it fits in line with the current scientific research for tennis players.

A8AB3C3C-4353-48E8-A4BD-6B681043DA7BToday let’s talk about supplements. Supplements are called supplements, because they are a SUPPLEMENT to your diet. Most of you will be able to get all the nutrition you need to fuel your body and tennis performance through a good diet, good hydration and enough sleep.

With that being said, there are certain circumstances when supplements may be useful, and I will list them below and the reasons why (if there are any supplements not on this list, it would be wise to consider whether you’re wasting your money) …

Multivitamins – A multivitamin will not necessarily directly enhance tennis performance, but vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for overall health, growth repair and vitality. If you are partaking in a heavy training schedule, or simply lack fruit and vegetables in your diet, supplementing with a mutlivitamin is advised.

Protein powder – Protein is essential for growth and repair of muscles, which is essential for optimal tennis performance. For tennis players who require relatively high protein intakes and travel a lot, or struggle to eat enough protein, supplementing with a protein powder would be beneficial.

Sports Drinks – Staying optimally hydrated with a good balance of electrolytes (salts) is essential for health, tennis performance and recovery. If a tennis player doesn’t enjoy the taste of water during or after exercise, this is when a sports drink would be useful to ensure optimal performance and recovery.

Caffeine – Caffeine essentially blocks receptors in the brain telling you you’re tired. Caffeine will allow you to perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time, therefore maximising performance (as long as it is consumed in the right amount at the right time, personal to you).

There are a few other supplements that have been well researched to have beneficial effects on sports performance, but for the purpose of this blog (unless you are an elite athlete), these are the only supplements you will need for overall health and tennis performance. If you have any questions, or more importantly are taking any other supplements not on this list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Yours in Health,


Former Totally Tennis performance player and now coach Steph Catlin has founded Food Is Life, a sports nutrition consultancy business based in Basingstoke. If you would like to learn more about how to achieve your personal nutrition goals and for specific personal advice please contact Steph directly via via her website or visit her social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Player Profile: Kirsten Hazelwood


Age: Nine

Squad: Giants

How old were you when you first started tennis?


How were you introduced to the sport?

At a tennis club in Winchester

Why did you choose Totally Tennis?

Because it’s better than my old one

Who is your favourite professional tennis player?

Rafael Nadal

What do you like most about the sport?


What do you consider to be your best shot?


How often do you play?

Every Monday

Do you play any other sport?

Hockey, basketball, judo and athletics

What’s your greatest achievement in tennis so far?

Coming 3rd in competitions at my old club


Coffee and Cake at Mixed Morning

Totally Tennis’ Mixed Morning sessions provides a healthy mixture of coaching and social match play  every Monday and Friday from 10.00am – 11.30am. You can now stay after and enjoy coffee and cake after the session.58E33654-FA08-4FF1-AF39-C64FCF64C03E


For more information, please telephone 01256 358816 or visit our website

October in Pictures


The TT Tour US Open Red and Orange competitors played in their own last Grand Slam event of the year the US Open



Performance player Liam Hignett and his partner Ryan Golesworthy won the Men’s Grade 3 Doubles Title at the David Lloyd Southampton October Mens Open Tournament

Performance players Isla Hignett and Tillie Reid were runners-up in the 14 and under Girls Doubles at the David Lloyd Southampton October Half Term Tournament

7A51F115-CBBE-4171-A05B-0D5A98132BA0The last TT Tour event of 2017 before the Grand Finals next month – The Valencia Open


50+ Lunch Club

Totally Tennis’s 50+ mixed session on a Wednesday morning is an exciting session for the ‘young at heart’ held in a relaxed social environment. Aimed at players over 50 who are interested in keeping fit and healthy while playing tennis with other liked minded people.


The session involves drills and mostly doubles tactics followed by points and fun games and now players can stay for a healthy lunch of a tasty soup.


According to medical research from the Cleveland Clinic, playing tennis on a regular basis for older people  is good for the heart. It’s also good for the body and mind and playing tennis on a regular basis produces physical, physiologic and psychologic benefits. These benefits include increased burning of calories, reduction in blood pressure and reduced stress. All of these benefits play a role in reducing a person’s risk of developing heart disease, the number-one disease among men and women.

Session: 50+

Time: Wednesday 10.00am -11.30am

Level: Mixed Ability

Cost £6.50

For more information, please telephone the office on 01256 358816

TT Tour – Valencia Open

The Valencia Open was the last TT tour event of the 2017 season played on Sunday 29th October ahead the excitement of the November Grand Finals where the overall Champions of the year will be crowned.
Kevin Karjalainen won the Red event after beating Diya Shanmugaras 10-8 in the final. Lottie Blackwell was third, William Durman was fourth, Neel Chandrasekar was in fifth place and Ayush Thondapu was sixth.
Coach Andrew Dingwall who won the event said, “Great final between Kevin and Diya, a close game of which fantastic angle shots were the standout moments! Congratulations Kevin 😉
The Orange event was won by Gevin Chendhilkumar with Ansh Annareddy the runner-up. Chendhilkumar’s twin brother Guhan was joint third/fourth along with Harry Dolman, James Blackwell was fifth, Megan Fisher was sixth and joint 7th/8th place went to Caitlin Manley and Louise Stamvik.
Dingwall said “Another close match with Gevin beating Ansh 10-8 which included some marathon rallies.”
Congratulations Kevin and Gevin!

The TT Tour is a competition programme for Development Squads and Mini Performance Squads players. There are six tournaments throughout the year and the Grand Finals in November where the top eight players from each squad are invited to play for the chance to finish as the club champions. There’s an up-to-date leaderboard showing players rankings in each squad. Points are awarded to the winner, runner-up and third/fourth place players for each event as well as for entering. The Grand Slam events of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open offer higher points and all points will be added to each age group leaderboard.

TT Tour Dates 2017

Sunday 19th November – Grand Finals (by invitation)