LTA Big Tennis Weekends

As part of the successful Totally Tennis schools programme Head Coach James McIntosh visited local schools to deliver tennis assemblies, all the pupils involved were then invited to attend a FREE junior tennis open day.  Part of the LTA Big Tennis Weekends initiative, open days are designed to give children an opportunity to try tennis at a club on real tennis courts with LTA qualified coaches.

9a9c066c-f3c0-4fd6-97c1-e5c80c8031f0.jpegHead coach James McIntosh said, “The event went really well and it was great to give so many children the opportunity to play tennis at the centre and for some it was their first time in picking up a racket.” he added, ” Since the event Totally Tennis has managed to expand its schools programme with the introduction of an after schools club at St Johns which we are looking forward to getting started next week.”

4180ba61-0e4b-42ec-b91a-fd822df176a9.jpgThe Totally Tennis schools programme has not only given children the opportunity to play tennis but also produced countless players and coaches over the years. Some of these players have represented their respective schools and the club in many competitions, even winning National titles. The club also runs curriculum and after school sessions as well as the annual schools tournaments at the indoor centre.

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Eat Food When You Can, Supplement When You Must

When it comes to food and nutrition, there is no right or wrong. You have eaten thousands of meals whilst living on this planet, and you’re still here right?! The same goes with sports nutrition, you have survived this long so why should you listen to me?!

I’m not a sports nutritionist that is going to overhaul your diet, tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. I am here to help you understand what you currently eat, whether your tennis performance is optimal with that diet, and if not, how we can tweak your diet so that it fits in line with the current scientific research for tennis players.

A8AB3C3C-4353-48E8-A4BD-6B681043DA7BToday let’s talk about supplements. Supplements are called supplements, because they are a SUPPLEMENT to your diet. Most of you will be able to get all the nutrition you need to fuel your body and tennis performance through a good diet, good hydration and enough sleep.

With that being said, there are certain circumstances when supplements may be useful, and I will list them below and the reasons why (if there are any supplements not on this list, it would be wise to consider whether you’re wasting your money) …

Multivitamins – A multivitamin will not necessarily directly enhance tennis performance, but vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for overall health, growth repair and vitality. If you are partaking in a heavy training schedule, or simply lack fruit and vegetables in your diet, supplementing with a mutlivitamin is advised.

Protein powder – Protein is essential for growth and repair of muscles, which is essential for optimal tennis performance. For tennis players who require relatively high protein intakes and travel a lot, or struggle to eat enough protein, supplementing with a protein powder would be beneficial.

Sports Drinks – Staying optimally hydrated with a good balance of electrolytes (salts) is essential for health, tennis performance and recovery. If a tennis player doesn’t enjoy the taste of water during or after exercise, this is when a sports drink would be useful to ensure optimal performance and recovery.

Caffeine – Caffeine essentially blocks receptors in the brain telling you you’re tired. Caffeine will allow you to perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time, therefore maximising performance (as long as it is consumed in the right amount at the right time, personal to you).

There are a few other supplements that have been well researched to have beneficial effects on sports performance, but for the purpose of this blog (unless you are an elite athlete), these are the only supplements you will need for overall health and tennis performance. If you have any questions, or more importantly are taking any other supplements not on this list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Yours in Health,


Former Totally Tennis performance player and now coach Steph Catlin has founded Food Is Life, a sports nutrition consultancy business based in Basingstoke. If you would like to learn more about how to achieve your personal nutrition goals and for specific personal advice please contact Steph directly via via her website or visit her social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Is Nutrition The Missing Puzzle Piece to Your Ultimate Tennis Performance?

The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.Bobby Knight

Totally Tennis Alumni Steph Catlin has founded Food Is Life, a sports nutrition consultancy business based in Basingstoke.  Former Totally Tennis performance player, who represented both Brighton Hill Community College and Queen’s Mary College, Steph obtained a four year Division 1 tennis scholarship to the University of Northern Colorado in the USA. After graduating with two Bachelors degrees, one in Sport and Exercise Science and the other in Human Communication Studies she returned to the UK and recently completed her Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.


Whilst playing at a high level Steph was continuously striving to improve her tennis performance and spent countless essential hours on court during her time at University, it was then that she realised the power of nutrition in advancing both the physical and mental aspect of her game. She learnt that incorporating sports nutrition techniques in and around training and matches was just as important as practising her serve day in, day out.

There are many tennis coaches you can turn to for on court tactics and techniques, but to be the most successful tennis player you can be, you need more than a 120mph serve. Steph will providing Totally Tennis players with advice and easy-to-follow tips in a series of tennis and nutrition based blog posts.

Steph said, “As a former high performance tennis player there’s one thing I would have done differently: Open my mind to more knowledge and learn from the experience of the people I look up to.” she continued, With that being said, let me help you with that! As a fully qualified sports nutritionist, over the next coming months I will be providing you with my finest knowledge on all things tennis and nutrition.”

So whether you are a social player hungry for more or someone inspiring to one-day play at Wimbledon, these nutrition tips and tricks will help to get you there!

Stay tuned on the Totally Tennis blog and let’s strive for greatness together!

Yours in Health,


In the meantime you can contact Steph for any further information as follows: 


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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