Chandrasekars Win The Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup

Neel Chandrasekar and his father Chandri were the winners of The Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup that took place at the indoor centre on Saturday run by performance player and assistant coach Miles Bromilow.


Even thought there was a disappointing turnout in terms of entries the juniors and their respective parents enjoyed their matches. The Chandrasekars beat Roksana Jelonek and her father Chris 10-6 and Aaditya Kumar and his father Raj 10-2. The Jeloneks were runners-up after they defeated the Kumars 10-6.


The Chandrasekars have won the opportunity to spend a day at a LTA grass court major event in June. In addition to watching all the on court action, they will also have the chance to play against other winners on the day.

Bromilow said of the event, “I would like to congratulate all of the competitors and especially Neel and his father for winning this Years Quorn Family Cup” he added, “The winning pair will now enjoy one of the LTAs premier grass court events and play against other event winners. Good Luck!!

The Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup is a nationwide Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) event designed to give families the opportunity to play tennis in an informal, fun competition run at their local venue such as Totally Tennis. It not only encourages families to play more tennis together but also to eat healthy food to complement an active lifestyle.


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Tennis Tips | 8: Hitting a more aggressive slice backhand

Follow the weekly tennis tips by Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh designed to improve your game.

Tip 8: Hitting a more aggressive slice backhand
Set up with the racket higher and take the ball early. Hit through the ball with good racket head speed. This will help you hit the ball deeper and with a lower flight path.

2018-04-24-PHOTO-00000071Wrong: Racket too low and elbow is tucked in to the body

2018-04-24-PHOTO-00000070Correct: Good set up with the racket higher

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Tennis Tips | 7: Doubles Court Positioning When Returning Serve

Follow the weekly tennis tips by Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh designed to improve your game.

Tip 7: Doubles Court Positioning When Returning Serve

If you are the net player and your partner is returning serve you should stand close to the T around the service line. This is to cover the middle between yourself and your partner if the opposite net player intercepts the return of serve. Standing too close to the net will leave a big gap between you down the middle for the net player to hit in to. If your partner does return the ball cross court you can then close into the net.
Wrong – Net player is too far forward, leaving a big gap down the middle for the opposite net player to hit into.2018-03-06-PHOTO-00000063

Correct – Good court positing for the return, the net player is back by the service line close to the middle.

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Tennis Tip | 6. Improving Your Forehand Volley

Follow the weekly tennis tips by Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh designed to improve your game.

Tip 6: Improving your Forehand Volley

Try not to separate your hands too much and take too much of a take back when preparing for a forehand volley. You should try and keep your hands closer together and keep the racket out in front of you to make sure you are contacting the ball out in front.
Wrong – Arms too far apart and racket has gone too far back.
Correct – Hands closer and the racket is staying out in front.

March In Pictures

Isla Hignett and Tillie Reid received grant aid cheques and certificates presented by Mayor Paul Frankum at the Civic Sports Awards Reception

The Tennis Tip series launched on the blog – check out the weekly tips from Head Coach James McIntosh designed to improve your game. Find them all on the NEW Tennis Tip tab (at the top of the page)


Performance player Dean Cooper Kirby completed in the Pajulahti Cup in Finland


Performance player Isla Hignett won the South east Winter County 18 & under Girls singles title at Reedham Park, Surrey24583619-4B18-45E0-9EB5-9E6BA8C12839

William Durman (second right) won the Brazil Open in the latest TT Tour event


Performance player Dean Cooper Kirby competed in Malta (above) in his latest Tennis Europe Tournament


Coaches Steph (above), James and Nigel (below) all attended Tennis For Kids training days


IMG_2198The latest batch of Tennis Leaders candidates were on court with Head Coach James McIntosh


Performance player Kirsty Da Silva won the 14 & under Girls Singles title at the Ash Manor Easter tournament


Dean Cooper Kirby flew to Florida for a months training camp. Here he’s with his fellow Florida training buddies visited the Miami Open (above) 


Dean Cooper Kirby won his first American title at the Naples Spring Tropical Junior Level 6 tournament in Florida


Kirsty Da Silva and Jasmin Bromilow were runners-up in the 18 & under Girls doubles event at the Ash Manor Easter tournament played on 31st March

Coaches Long and McIntosh Attend Tennis For Kids Training n Portsmouth

Tennis Director Nigel Long and Head Coach James McIntosh attended the latest Tennis for Kids course held at Portsmouth Tennis Centre, following in the footsteps of coach Steph Catlin who already attended the Oxford course.

Along with the specific Tennis for Kids course training the duo got to meet former British No. 1 Katie O’Brian who reached career-high singles ranking of World number 84 and Naomi Cavaday who was at the time of her retirement British number 6 with a world ranking of World number 231.


If you are looking for a fun and fitness activity for your children look no further than Tennis for Kids that returns next week on 5th April 2018. The grassroots initiative gives children, aged between four and eleven, the opportunity to fall in love with tennis by taking part in a six-week introductory course delivered by specially trained and enthusiastic LTA accredited coaches such as Long, McIntosh and Catlin. Each player that signs up for the course will also receive a special Tennis for Kids Babolat racket and ball set as well as a personalised T-shirt delivered right to your door for just £25 (works out to just a little over £4 per week for the six week course).

The campaign was launched in 2016 and last year 20,000* children throughout the country took part in the LTA’s tennis starter course for children with 98% of parents stating that they were happy with their child’s experience. Why not find out more and get your family involved in 2018?

Tennis for kids 2018

Totally Tennis will be running these lessons at the indoor centre …… this space as dates will be coming soon! Long and McIntosh will be running their six week course after the May half term – click here to see the course dates once they are uploaded by the end of the week.

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* Information used with courtesy of

Tennis Tips | 4. Improving Depth On Your Backhand

Follow the weekly tennis tips by Totally Tennis Head Coach James McIntosh designed to improve your game.

Tip 4: Improving Depth On Your Backhand

When hitting a backhand shot try to hit the ball deep to keep your opponent pushed back behind the baseline. Keep your elbows high on the backhand follow through.


Wrong – Elbows are low and tucked in.


Correct – Elbows finishing high.

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